Our Process

Clients' Vision

It all starts with an idea. If you have a vision for your home, our team can help turn this into reality. We have found projects are most successful when the builder, architect, and interior designer are all involved from the beginning. This helps to control project costs and the overall timeline for completion.

Team's Expertise

Once we understand your vision, our team works to put together the best resources to make this happen. Phillip Smith General Contractor has been building custom homes in the Charleston area for over 30 years. We strive to continue to improve on our building process to ensure we are using the best products and building techniques for our coastal environment. Through our partnership with Nautilus Home Management we are able to monitor the long-term effects of various building techniques and constantly adjust to build a better home.

Superior Quality

The next step in our building process is to ensure you get the best. This can be seen from the partners that we work with and the materials that we use. We are continuously learning about new products and monitoring the longevity of these products. We make sure we are taking the time to get each step our your home construction done correctly and to our high standards. It is our goal to build you the best home possible - one that is truly Built to Last.

Nautilus Home Management

Phillip Smith General Contractor is committed to the life of the home. We offer a unique home management service with our partner company, Nautilus Home Management. Through this partnership, homeowners are able to select the level of service they would like to receive for long-term maintenance and inspections. We offer different levels of service depending on your needs. 

This means we want to help take care of your home as long as you are there.