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Our Mission
Phillip W. Smith General Contractor, Inc. strives to provide our homeowners with a positive experience through our
support, understanding and knowledge of building a quality home. Working as a team, it is our job to exhibit integrity
and fairness to all parties involved in the process.

Phillip Smith started his construction business in Charleston, South Carolina in 1990 with his wife, Cathy. A licensed General Contractor, Phillip has built homes throughout the Lowcountry of South Carolina, multiple locations in the Southeast and most recently expanded internationally with projects in Christophe Harbour, St. Kitts. Focusing on quality custom homes and remodeling projects, Phillip has earned a highly respected reputation during his years of building in the Charleston area.

Phillip W. Smith General Contractor, Inc. handles on average six projects per year, allowing Phillip to be directly involved from the start and provide personal service to all of our homeowners. With direct involvement, Phillip is able to lend his knowledge and experience early in the design phase to build a home that will hopefully exceed expectations. Currently, Phillip W. Smith GC, Inc. consists of a six person team, which includes one project manager, one superintendent, an estimator and an office manager; all of whom are committed to providing an enjoyable experience to all of our homeowners.


2013 Best in American Living Award for Best Custom Home (4,000 to 6,500 sq. ft.)

2013 Charleston PRISM Award for:

Best Remodeling Project ($300,000 to $500,000


Best Single Family Custom Home ($1,500,000 to $2,000,000)


Best Single Family Custom Home ($3,000,000 to $4,000,000)


Best Single Family Custom Home ($4,000,000 to $5,000,000)

2014 GuildQuality Award for Guildmaster with Highest Distinction
2012 South Carolina Pinnacle Award for Best New Home Construction ($2,000,000 to $5,000,000)

Charleston PRISM Awards

  • 2011, Best Custom Home ($2-3,000,000), Best Remodeling Project ($150-300,000)
  • 2008, Best Custom Home ($1.5-$2,500,000, $2.5-3,500,000 and $3.5-5,000,000), Exceptional Customer Service Award
  • 2006, Best Custom Home ($750,000-1,000,000 and $1-1,500,000), Exceptional Customer Service Award
  • 2005, Exceptional Customer Service Award
  • 2004, Best Custom Home ($1.5-2,500,000), Exceptional Customer Service Award
  • 2003, Best Custom Home (over $750,000 and $1-1,500,000)
  • 2002, Best Custom Home ($600-750,000 and $750,000-1,000,000)
  • 2001, Best Custom Home ($1-1,500,000 and $500-750,000)
  • 2000, Best Custom Home (over 3,500 sq. ft.)
  • 1999, Best Product Design (3-4,000 sq. ft.), Best Custom Home (over 3,500 sq. ft.)

South Carolina Pinnacle Awards

  • 2005 Best Custom Home ($750-1,000,000)

Best In American Living Awards

  • 2008, Room of the Year, Best Detail Custom Home
  • 2007, Best Custom Home (over 6,500 sq. ft.)
  • 2006, Best Custom Home (up to 4,000 sq. ft.)


  • 2007-2013, GuildMaster

Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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